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Ernest Biscardi PhD has over 42 years of global experience as a behavioral counselor and healthcare professional working with individuals (adults and children), couples (all forms of partnering), families, organizations, and institutions. He has done this work in the areas of relationship, disability, death and dying, conflict management and resolution, heightened or unmanageable stress, depression, racism, prejudice, self-shaming, and re-engaging with life.


Ernest uses a behavioral approach with his clients concentrating on identifying and eventually modifying the behavioral patterns that have created and perpetuated their concerns and suffering over time. By providing his clients with the experience of being heard, understood, and validated, he creates a relationship based on honesty, safety, and trust. 


Ernest’s goal is to create with his clients a new perspective and sense of purpose, freedom, and clarity. With this clarity and the discovery of a new voice and new behaviors, they will gain the ability to engage with their lives and concerns in a more powerful and effective manner.



One of the most potent ways to create new behaviors is to shine a light on conditioned behaviors that have become a part of our chemistry. These conditioned behaviors have governed our responses, outlook, and survival. They are so much a part of our everyday life that it seems impossible to behave or to see things in any other way. When people begin to understand the conditioning process and how it works, they can begin to see clearly what reality looks like independent of their conditioned thoughts and behaviors. As a result, clarity around reality emerges.


Once clarity emerges, we can begin to break from a lifetime of deeply rooted automatic conditioned responses. As a result of doing this work, the fixed conditioned responses that the brain has imprinted—responses that have come to define our character and personality— begin to lose power and control over our behaviors. Once this process has been accomplished, we can begin to break down and deconstruct these behaviors and begin the process of creating and conditioning new, more potent behaviors and responses.


You will establish, condition, and bring life to new behaviors that have been inaccessible to you as a result of your past conditioning. You will gain clarity not only in the reality of your circumstances, but in how and why the conditioned behaviors you exhibit around them originated. With this new clarity, the construction of new behaviors, the establishment of a new voice, and the conditioning of a new command over your life, concerns, and circumstances become available.


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“In order to discover new lands, one must be willing to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”

— Andre Gide